11 of The Best Floor Lamps to Light up Your Short Term Rental Property

11 of The Best Floor Lamps to Light up Your Short Term Rental Property
With all things furniture and decor for a short term or midterm (or really any) rental property, you want to think carefully about which furniture and decor items are ones you want to invest in - spend the money now and plan to get use out of it for several years, and which ones are “throwaway” items - things you expect to replace more frequently. 

I lean towards the idea that lamps are easily broken and not worth significant investment; young kids may play with them, they may get unintentionally knocked over, they tend to have small parts (on off switches, lampshade finial, etc) that can get lost or broken, lamp shades are easily damaged, etc. In general, fragile items are just not what you want to be putting in a rental property - it’s not the smart money move. 

But - not all lights are fragile, are they? Some are specifically built to NOT be fragile. And, maybe, you have a luxury rental where a luxurious fixture is expected, or you want your light fixture to be one of your WOW moments (you should have several in your STR!) So, let’s look at a few lamp styles, and for each of those styles, some lamps - at various price points - that I think would be a good choice for your rental property - both from the optimist’s standpoint, and from, well, mine….

Tripod Base Floor Lamps

With its spotlight shaped head, the Grammy Reader Floor Lamp will make you feel like a star. The tripod legs add stability while the fully tilt-able head can be positioned either as a reading lamp, or as an ambient spotlight. The Grammy Reader is a perfect fit anywhere from the living room to a dorm room.

Option 2:Tripod Floor Lamp-Natural Walnut

Solid walnut forms a traditional tripod-style base featuring steel plate detailing, paired with a an off-white linen shade.

Option 3: Gold Tripod Floor Lamp

Add a cozy Mid-Century Modern feel to any room with the Coyote Floor Lamp. The Coyote lamp is a stunning floor lamp that can be seen in different hotels all around the world.

Shadeless Floor Lamps

This sculptural LED floor lamp spreads an atmospheric light reminiscent of light at a live concert. Designed in collaboration with the pros from Swedish House Mafia and part of the OBEGRÄNSAD collection.

 Option 2: Briggs Floor Lamp, 27" X 65"

Inspired by the sophistication and classic good taste found in British stately homes, this traditional floor lamp was designed to last for generations. Impeccably crafted with 100% metal, its luxurious brass gold finish highlights its timeless stature.

Option 3: Fillament Floor Lamp, Large

The Filament Lamp is a sculpture light that fits artfully into the contemporary home. Its black metal frame presents a large vintage glass mercury covering. 

Arc Floor Lamps

Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern designs, this sleek, arched floor lamp features an 8" globe shaped shade and slender metal body for a minimalist touch. An antique brass finish brings warmth to any space. Place this lamp next to your work space or reading area for a pop of glamour and style while an adjustable shade offers optimal functionality as well.

Option 2: Mave Floor Lamp, 13" X 57"

Inspired by chic minimalist style, this contemporary floor lamp updates any living room. Designed with a marble base that supports a sleek black and polished gold-finished frame, it shimmers in the gentle glow of a single bulb.

Option 3: Lumi Arc 69-Inch H Floor Lamp, 33.5" X 69"

The sensual black metal curves and marble base of this arc 69-inch floor lamp were inspired by a legendary Parisian architect’s design classic. Its sculptural style is at home in a well-curated living room or in a minimalist bedroom in need of instant sophistication.

Floor Lamps that have a built in Table

Inspired by the newly renovated lounge in Manhattan’s grandest hotel, this floor lamp side table is ideal for the modern living room. Imbued with style and substance, its gold finish envelopes the sleek lines of the lamp and built-in glass side table.

Option 2: Morrison Floor Lamp Side Table, 17.5" X 61"

Give your home a touch of Art Deco dazzle with this Morrison Floor Lamp. A hybrid of enlightened luxury, Morrison’s brass gold tripod legs are partially draped in a jet black finish, further enhancing its astonishing decorative depth. Designers love its sleek glass tabletop.

The biggest advantage of floor lights is that it creates a mirage of heightened space that opens up the room. Floor lamps also illuminate the area at eye-level, balancing out the brightness offered by wall-mounted and ceiling lights.
With such a wide range of uses and benefits, floor lamps are a great investment for both residential spaces and commercial establishments. They are available in a variety of designs, fabrics, shapes and sizes, making them the ideal lighting solution for everyone. To add to that, they look adorable, creating the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed! Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your place, install affordable lights or just need some focused lighting for purposes, get a floor lamp and let your decor do the talking for you! 

You can find more floor lamps that didn’t make my list in my Sidedoor Floor Lamps collection!

Lori Shaw